lighting tubesTactical LED Lighting

Rugged, portable lighting systems designed to keep shelters well lit in harsh conditions! Units are available with wide range of technologies: LED, flexible lighting panels or even traditional fluorescent. Ideal for use with these Tactical Shelters.

ETI's shelters are available equipped with several types of lighting for versatility in tactical situations.


  • LED lighting strips for bright illumination with low wattage
  • Flexible light weight lighting panels
  • Flourescent tubes or other standard lighting

Rugged Conditions Demand Tactical Lighting

Highly Impact Resistant: floating bulb sockets protect the bulb from impact, extending bulb lifespan. This durability is reinforced with a twin bulb design that results in a brighter light.

Electronic Ballast: eliminates cumbersome fuses & unreliable starter canisters. More efficient and lighter weight than magnetic ballast lights, These lights offer flicker free, cool-to-the-touch light with no heat build-up in addition to extended bulb and ballast life.

Low Amp Draw: Drawing less current than magnetic ballast lights, this electronic design will not tax field generators while providing a brighter light.

Compact Design: Half the length and weight of older models, ETI's tube lights are built for easy transport and one-man set up.

LED lighting tubesLED Lighting

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