Rugged Tactical Field Office and Computer Workstations

Tactical Field Office® & Computing Equipment

When duty calls but the onslaught of computer and paper work follows you out into the field, ETI's Tactical Field Office and Computing solutions will allow you to continue your vital work while in the field with a complete modular system providing the convenience of a modern office, yet is deployable worldwide at a moments notice.

Various modules can be configured to meet your applications:

Tactical Field Office with Global UPS, Task Lighting and Notebook PowerstationTactical Field Office®

ETI now offers the most complete line of deployable field office equipment for use by today's Warfighter overseas as well as the First Responders, Disaster Relief and other Emergency Services that need to setup offices quickly anywhere. Developed for rapid deployment to anywhere in the world, the Tactical Field Office product line includes:

  • Tactical Desk™ - 1, 2 or more personal workstations that fold up into small cubic shipping containers including all Tactical Field Office options. Desks also includes rugged folding chairs and optional equipment.
    • Rugged, flexible layout, modular construction
    • Quick setup and tear down without tools
    • Multiple file and storage drawers
  • TacticalPower® Conditioner or UPS- Built-in unit for AC or DC power input produces computer grade power with or without battery backup, takes any available AC and/or DC power and produces computer-grade power with or without intrenal batteries.
    • Increases operational reliability of all connected
      equipment, i.e. computers, notebooks, comm gear.
    • Wide-range AC input voltage and frequency to
      operate from any local grid power or generator
    • Wide-range DC input from most vehicles or aircraft
  • Notebook PowerStation™ - a slide tray to support a notebook computer at the correct height for comfortable keyboarding or as a convenient place for a portable printer.
    • Provides clean power for any notebook or printer
    • Expands USB by (6) 2.0 ports via a powered hub
    • Provides additional notebook cooling
  • Tactical Task Light™ - easily positioned, energy efficient LED lighting with adjustable intensity to illuminate your work space.
  • Tactical Solar® Panels and Chargers - rugged, flexible folding solar panels & chargers to recharge battery backup.
  • Tactical Computer Workstation™ - optional rugged built-in or portable state-of-the-art computers.

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Rugged Tactical Computer Workstation with numerous features and optionsTactical Computer Workstations®

ETI's Line of Tactical Computer Workstations (TCW) are designed to reliably operate in harsh environments, from AC or DC power sources or internal batteries.

  • 85-270 VAC or 10-32 VDC Inputs from Local Grid, Generators, Vehicles or Solar Panels
  • Rugged water tight case protects internal equipment
  • Available with standard or daylight visible display
  • Available with touch screen, keyboard, mouse/joy stick and fingerprint inputs
  • High capacity, shock isolated drives or solid state drives
  • LAN - 10/100/1000 Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n wireless
  • Multiple powered USB 2.0 ports for all types of USB devices
  • Silent, fanless, low energy operation for increased reliability and reduced maintenance
  • Optional long duration battery backup
  • Optional solar panel to charge/operate during daylight hours
  • 10-32 VDC Input from Vehicles or Solar Panel
  • Low energy requirement

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Rugged Tactical Computer Powercase with numerous UPB ports and optionsTactical Computer Powercase™

ETI's Line of Tactical Computer Powercase (TCP) are designed to safely store your equipment and provide power backup in harsh environments.

  • Standard or custom configurations
  • Rugged water tight case protects internal equipment
  • Stores notebook computer and peripheral items
  • Silent, fanless, low energy operation for increased reliability and reduced maintenance
  • Internal DC source/battery backup for extended notebook operation or to power the peripherals
  • Global AC and/or DC input to operate from multiple sources
  • Multiple powered USB 2.0 ports for all types of USB devices
  • Optional solar panel to charge/operate during daylight hours

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